On my day off, I wanted to hear from the Lord and spent time in silence. As I was discerning the Spirit’s voice, I expected a deep word of comfort or a battle call for ministry. Instead, I felt a command of discipline: “Put your house in order.” My recent devotions in 1 Timothy stressed that to be a biblical leader, we must take care of our family and have order in our household. (1 Timothy 3:4-5). I got up, called my family, and cleaned my room.

I’m encouraged that God is already putting our church into order. With Pastor Isaac’s leave to take care of his family, our church family has stepped up to improve communication, serving together and organizing roles. A healthy, orderly church (1 Corinthians 14:40) creates a welcoming space for our members and newcomers.

With this same spirit, we must not neglect our physical building, a huge blessing in this expensive city. A few months into the quarantine, I came back to the building and found mice droppings on the 2nd floor! Gross! Our goal is to welcome people, not mice!

Don’t worry, the exterminator is back and I’ve killed 3 mice (so far). But we as a church can also be better about the disorderly clutter in our house of worship. I’ve already started cleaning my office, and throwing away various clutter on all floors.

I ask a courteous favor to you: If you have anything in this building that you still want, please email us back. In around two weeks, we will send an email with pictures of items we find, for you to claim. Any unclaimed items can be thrown away. (And if I find a mouse in them, I am definitely throwing it away!) Thank you!

Pastor Kevin


  • Jason & Hollie Gasper (International Students Inc): Silas Scott Casper was born on 10/30/20, 6 pounds 13 ounces, and about 18.5 inches. We thank God for a safe delivery and healthy boy & mommy.
  • Myanmar : Inzali has led many Buddhists to Jesus Christ. Her bold witness on the front lines has caught the attention of Buddhist leaders, who often report her evangelistic activities to local authorities. While concerned that her work will one day lead to her arrest, she remains joyful. She knows that her arrest would simply be a sign that her work has been significant. “The more we share the gospel and preach the Word all over the world, the more trouble we’ll have.” she told a Voice of Martyrs worker.