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CCBC EXPRESS 9/18/2020

Our Thursday Bible Study is on Matthew. This week we studied chapter 14. There are familiar stories: the five loaves and two fish, Jesus walking on the water. But this time, I also noticed something else: Jesus’s loneliness.
Verse 13 reads “he withdrew by boat privately to a solitary place.”

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CCBC EXPRESS 9/11/2020

Here is a haunting quote from W. Edwards Deming: “It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory.” Read it again. It’s true.
Yet, when I look at our church, I’m proud that we are resisting comfort and choosing to change. We are choosing to adapt for the Kingdom of God.

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CCBC EXPRESS 09/04/2020

A member once told me that when they had first been referred to CCBC before immigrating to the States, they had hesitated upon hearing our church’s name. There have been countless times in which I have introduced myself, in Chinese, as a member of CCBC. Upon my introduction, many people have replied jokingly, “You may be 純正 (pure/righteous), but I sure am not”.

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CCBC EXPRESS 8/28/2020

When Pastor Isaac first invited me to be an intern at CCBC, the first thing I did was find an empty classroom at my school and write out a vision statement. My seminary training and church planting experience told me that you had to come in with a vision, and use this vision to grow the church.
When I presented my vision statement to Pastor Isaac, he politely shut it down. Instead, he asked me to wait and just focus on getting to know the people.

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CCBC EXPRESS 8/21/2020

“Where there is no vision, the people are unrestrained...” Proverbs 29:18 (NASB) “If people can’t see what God is doing, they stumble all over themselves…” Proverbs 20:18 (MSG)
It has been many years since I started the discussion of missions and visions with our deacons. With the blessing of the addition of Pastor Kevin, we have been working on it diligently and are ready to recommend a final proposal.

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CCBC EXPRESS 8/14/2020

What allows a church to grow and thrive? One reason is a compelling vision. A dream of a potential future and the opportunity to be a significant team member. People are drawn to a compelling vision, especially young people, and many new churches grow simply from a strong, God-given vision. My old church, Mosaic, had a compelling vision to be a diverse family on mission, particularly in a divided Brooklyn neighborhood. Vision is an opportunity for us to grow and serve God in new ways.

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CCBC EXPRESS 8/07/2020

As we stay home during the pandemic, it seems we have more time to do things that we don’t usually do, for example, baking and puzzles. Weeks after the lock down started, around May and June, many started baking as we missed all the yummy buns we used to get from the bakery stores. All of a sudden, pictures of different kinds of home made buns flooded all social media. Puzzles are another hot item. Sale numbers were reportedly breaking records. Even my daughter somehow got me to give her a set that I have kept for a while. That challenging set was completed, framed, and is now hanging near the entrance of my apartment.

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Pastor Isaac and I got together this past Tuesday for a long day together to clarify and pray over the vision of our church. We had a pleasant time reflecting on the lineage of leadership in CCBC, with laughter and lamenting. We separated to be alone with God in silence and Scripture, and then came together to unify the church dream, rooted in the dreams of Scripture and our personal dreams as leaders. I believe this was an important day for the future of CCBC.

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CCBC EXPRESS 7/17/2020

I quickly sit down to read my book, as an older white gentleman tugs a small flimsy luggage into the subway car. He starts sharing his story to the riders, and I listen there. He sounds reasonable: a man coming out of rehab, trying to make things work again. He wants to take his two kids, Davis and Amber, to the park but has no money. Should I give or should I not?

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